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  • SuperStoutSunday—Growlers!

    SIX versions* of Bourbon County Brand Stout to help you celebrate Super Stout Sunday at home.

    All varieties are line priced at $66.45 tax included.

    Please place your order here, and we will contact you by email with payment instructions—Zelle, Venmo, cash preferred. (Quantities are limited and MUST be prepaid by Saturday a.m.)
    Pickup will be during a specified time window Saturday evening and Sunday before the game. 3-6 Sat,11-3 Sun.

    * As inventory is exhausted, beers will disappear from the list.
    • As of Thursday morning, SS Chili has also sold out. (1 now avail as of Fri!)
    • General event page is here https://hopleafbar.com/Event/super-stout-sunday-viii-at-home-edition/

    (Original Bourbon County Stout base is: Willamette Hops, 2 Row, Caramel, Chocolate, Debittered Black, Munich and Roast Barley malts.