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  • Pints for the Planet

    Earth Day Weekend—April 19-22

    Good beer and healthful lives require clean water. On Earth Day WeekendApril 19-22—100% of the sales of Sierra Nevada’s Hazy Little Thing—will go to the Environmental Law & Policy Center to help protect our beloved Midwest lakes and waterways.

    Sierra Nevada brewing has long demonstrated their committment to environmental sustainability. More than 10,000 solar panels above the brewery and parking areas at the Chico brewery alone, generating roughly 90% of electricity used onsite. Sierra Nevada has craft brewing’s largest solar array with 2.5MW between their two breweries!





    ZERO WASTE—Diverting 99.8% of total solid waste from landfill. ~~Anaerobic digesters treat brewing wastewater and generate biogas for boilers or microturbines. ~~ Mills River has 500,000+ gal cistern capacity to capture rainwater and use it for toilet flushing and irrigation. ~~ CO2 from fermentation is captured and recycled back into the breweries. Food waste and other organics are composted – in Chico, onsite in the only HotRot composter in the U.S.  Finished compost is used in onsite agriculture. ~~Used vegetable oil is converted into biodiesel onsite in Chico and used in delivery trucks and farm equipment.
    ESTATE AGRICULTURE—Chico has 10 acres of hops, 100 acres of barley/rotational crops, & a 1.5 acre estate garden for the Taproom – all certified organic. Mills River has 13 acres of barley, 250 oyster and shiitake mushroom logs, and a 4 acre estate garden – all certified organic. Both breweries are Wildlife Cooperative Sanctuaries through the Audubon Society and Bee Friendly certified through the Pollinator Partnership. Chico is Salmon-Safe certified as well. Spent grain is sold locally for cattle and hog feed and the Taprooms purchase beef and pork directly from those farms.

    We are proud to serve the superb beers of Sierra Nevada and support and partner with them on important issues!