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    → Wine List as of September 14, 2023

    Hopleaf is unabashedly a beer-centric venue. However, we love wine too! We offer 8 draft wines in carafes for casual drinking, and a selection of carefully chosen bottles if you’d like to drink something a bit more special.

    Wines on Draft
    Hopleaf was an early adopter of wine on draft.  We dedicate 8 lines to fine wines on draft. They are either pushed with neutral nitrogen gas or are in bag-in-keg format where no gas contacts the wine. Since open bottles oxidize, glass-pour wine is better presented via a proper draft system. We offer Old World wines from France, Italy, Spain and Austria and wines from the New World from California, Oregon, Washington State, and Argentina. They are served in quarter-liter, half-liter and 750 ml carafes.

    Wines in Bottles
    Since many of our custo­mers need an extra incentive to try our bottled wine offerings, we have a unique wine program that warrants everyone’s attention.

    Our bottled wine mission statement starts with a proclamation: Bottles of wine in restaurants are too expensive! At Hopleaf, we don’t depend on wine sales to subsidize our kitchen. We sell a LOT of beer that does that. We want to offer an exceptionally fine selection of wines, from some of the best producers in the Old and New Worlds, to those who prefer wine or who are taking a break from beer for an evening.

    We also believe that many times people shop by price instead of choosing what best suits their food or the occasion, so we have a one-price list. This means: All reds are $50 and all whites and rosés are $40. We buy in a narrow wholesale window and accept very narrow margins so that all of our wines are terrific values, some­times cheaper than retail. You will not find any wine on our list for less at any restaurant.

    Our list is a bit Euro-focused but we have a selection of New World wines as well, many with Old World sensibilities. We are exceptionally proud of our bottled wine program and invite you to take a detour from the grain to the grape on occasion. We think you’ll be delighted with the wines and our prices.

    → Wine List as of September 14, 2023