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    Promoting Better Beers, Wines & Spirits in Chicago since 1992.
    Belgian-inspired Kitchen featuring our famous Mussels & Frites.

  • Past Events

    • Omer Vander Ghinste Sour Night

      Thurs. Dec. 20

      Before there was a sour beer trend, there was a sour beer pioneer in the Brouwerij Omer Vanderghinste (Bockor). Hopleaf for many years has been pouring on draft and offering in bottles the wonderfully complex foeder beers from this historic brewery. We also offer their not-at-all-sour golden ale, Omer, in bottles. Michael, Hopleaf’s owner, has visited and enjoyed their hospitality; we display one of their enamel signs on our dining room’s north wall. This multi-generational brewery has recently modernized and expanded in a way that retains the essence of the historic styles while improving consistency, sanitation and packaging. They have the best of old and new worlds. We are proud to introduce and promote their beers as ideal food pairing beverages with this event—this 3-course fixed price pairing menu, that includes 6 oz. pours and a glass of Omer as a welcome beer. $45. Dinner starts at 5pm.

      1st—HOUSEMADE CHICKEN LIVER MOUSSE w/shallot- currant jam, Bruin mustard and grilled sourdough —(paired w/Oud Bruin.)
      Sour beer braised Broken Arrow farms venison w/herbed polenta, charred baby carrots, pickled onion, cherry-pumpkin seed-gremolata —(paired w/Cuvée des Jacobins)
      3rd—GOAT CHEESE CHEESE CAKE (pictured!) w/Jacobins Kriek-and- sour cherry compote, candied walnut, Maldon sea salt —(paired w/Jacobins Kreik)

      There will also be special pricing on the beers with two sizes on offer so you can sample them all. Plus Cuvée des Jacobins Prestige is available in bottles.

    • The Mitten Series Variant Release & Clothing Drive

      Friday Dec 7

      First chance to try all 3 Mitten 2018 Variants—The Mitten,  Cherry Mitten, Maple Mitten!

      Special Menu featuring Virtue Cider Farm Pork

      AND Keep our community warm! Please bring mittens, hats or coats and Virtue Cider will donate them to Sarah’s Circle


    • North Coast Brewing Tappings & More!

      Thursday Nov. 29

      We have developed many long term relationships with breweries in our nearly 27 year history. One of the longest is with The North Coast Brewing Company of Ft. Bragg, California. Thursday Nov 29 we’ll be celebrating their 30th anniversary with special tappings—including the last two kegs of Brother Thelonious—when it’s gone, it’s really gone! Click through for more details….


    • Into The Wild Tapping

      Nov 14

      Allagash’s very first spontaneously fermented Coolship Red Ale is called Into The wild. WQe’re please to be tapping it 6pm Wednesday Nov 14 !

    • Belgian Fried Chicken Mondays

      November 5, 2018

      Enjoy Belgian Fried Chicken Mondays with Kwak!

      It’s the First Monday of every month —Belgian Fried Chicken Night! You might not find fried chicken on many menus on Brussels, but you might wish that you did after tasting this! It’s not historically a staple of the Belgian culinary scene, but we thought we’d change that. The preparation changes from month to month. October’s preparation (pictured) :

      Confit fried chicken thighs, Andouille waffle, Ancho butternut squash purée, sautéed kale,  roast garlic, rainbow carrot, & pepitas, picked red onion, Kwak maple syrup.

      Best enjoyed with a Kwak in its signature stirrup glass, but there’s plenty more choices on our beer lists, wine lists, and more. Dinnertime starts at 5 on Mondays. The dish is $18 and the Kwak pairing an additional special $5.



        Bottle Mondays—every Monday prices on bottled beers are discounted.
        Kegs For Kids Pour of the Week—sponsored kegs change as they run through, all proceeds go to Peirce Elementary School

        Recurring Reading, Storytelling, Performance Events:
        Tuesday Funk (1st Tuesday of Month)
        This One Woman (4th Monday of month)
        Do Not Submit/Open Mic (4th Wednesday of month)
        Check out their own websites for details and to confirm dates.

        Super Stout Sunday—a collection of stouts, inc. Goose Island’s BBSs, presented on tap at noon on Super Bowl Sunday.
        Kegs for Kids/ Peirce Day—*all* proceeds all day to Helen C. Peirce Elementary School (last Sunday in April or thereabouts)