• Hopleaf Bar

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    Belgian-inspired Kitchen featuring our famous Mussels & Frites.

  • Belgian Fried Chicken Mondays

    First Monday of the Month

    Our next BFC is Oct 7!
    This month Hopleaf’s kitchen has chosen to pair the BFC with Delirium Tremens! (More details to come as the date gets closer; the prices should be the same.)

    September’s version was: Coconut milk-&-turmeric-dredged bone-in chicken thighs. Green curry creamed corn. Bacon-citrusy waffles. Quinoa-crispy chicken skins-radish-frisée petite salad. Roasted chick peas. Kwak-sesame reduction. $18 Ideally paired with Kwak in its unique glass for a special $5.

    It’s the First Monday of every month —Belgian Fried Chicken Night! You might not find fried chicken on many menus on Brussels, but you might wish that you did after tasting this! It’s not historically a staple of the Belgian culinary scene, but we thought we’d change that. The preparation changes from month to month.

    Offered at dinner the FIRST MONDAY of most months. Dinnertime starts at 5.  Portions are limited and BFC has become popular with those in the know, so maybe you’ll want to dine early?

    It’s gorgeous. Just look at it! Then eat it.