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  • Belgian Fried Chicken Mondays

    November 5, 2018

    Enjoy Belgian Fried Chicken Mondays with Kwak!

    It’s the First Monday of every month —Belgian Fried Chicken Night! You might not find fried chicken on many menus on Brussels, but you might wish that you did after tasting this! It’s not historically a staple of the Belgian culinary scene, but we thought we’d change that. The preparation changes from month to month. October’s preparation (pictured) is:

    Confit fried chicken thighs, Andouille waffle, Ancho butternut squash purée, sautéed kale,  roast garlic, rainbow carrot, & pepitas, picked red onion, Kwak maple syrup.

    Best enjoyed with a Kwak in its signature stirrup glass, but there’s plenty more choices on our beer lists, wine lists, and more. Dinnertime starts at 5 on Mondays. October 1 is also the launch of Zundert the newest Authentic Trappist ale, so you can make a Belgianish evening of it!