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  • Bottles in the Time of Coronavirus

    Sunday or Monday March 29 or 30, 2020

    Emergency bottle sale at Hopleaf, while we’re closed.

    THERE WILL BE A 2nd ROUND before too long.

    A note from Michael:
      Customers could really help us out by not limiting their interest to our specialty beers. We need to sell the “everyday drinker” beers we have in stock as well. Beers like Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, Bell’s Two Hearted, Three Floyds Alpha King, Half Acre Pony Pils and Daisy Cutter, Firestone Walker Union Jack and others would like to find appreciative homes too.

    Logistics as of Mar 25: We plan to have pickup on Sunday March 29. Timing and details to come. Probably Sunday.
    Payment by credit card.

    NOTE: Because of overwhelming demand we are cutting off orders at 9pm Friday. 
    We need to finish pulling orders and then see what’s still available.
    We will have a round 2, maybe next week.

    •If you’d like to reserve something, please send an email to info@hopleaf.com with the Subject line “BOTTLES Request”.
    Please include your phone number.
    When we confirm that your item(s) are available, we’ll contact you and let you know how to submit your card info.

    First off: there is no Cantillon.

    As of Friday afternoon, these are sold out:
    BCS Proprietor’s
    BCS Rye Reserve
    3 Fonteinen (all)

    The current Bottle Menu pdf is available through the link in the black area at right or at bottom of this page, where all the menus are.
    • All bottles on our current Bottle Menu are available as individual bottles or in 4- or 6-packs.
    The beers in the current Bottle Menu will be sold at half price.
    • The prices in the list below already reflect even deeper discounts, so these are as shown.
    • Some of these beers below are not on the regular bottle menu; those that are are priced as listed here.


    KBS 2017  750 ml bottle $10
    4 cases in stock/ 12-bottle case $100
    CBS 2018  750 ml bottle  $10
    3 cases in stock/  12-bottle case $100
    KBS 2017  12 oz bottle  $6
    2 cases in stock/  24-bottle case $125
    KBS 2019  12 oz bottle  $6
    2 cases in stock/  24-bottle case $125

    New Belgium
    La Folie 2015   22 oz bottle   $10
    3 cases in stock/  12-bottle case $108

    Goose Island
    Hailia  2017  750  $15
    Lolita  2013  750  $15
    Madame Rose  2015  750  $22
    Juliet  2015  750  $15
    Gillian  2016  750  $22
    Bourbon County Stouts  1/2 menu price
    see the Bottle Menu pdf for BCS listings!

    Cuvee Rene Kriek  750 ml   $20

    Unibroue 17  750 ml   $8

    Curieux  2017  750 ml  $8
    Curieux 2015  750 ml  $8
    Victoria 2014   750  ml  $8
    Victor  2014   750 ml   $8

    Birraficio Montegiocco
    Doli Raptor  
    11.2 oz  $4  / case of 12  $40
    Draco   11.2 oz  $4  / case of 12 $40


    Chimay Grand Reserve  1.5 liter Magnum  $50

    St Bernardus
    70th Anniversary 2016  1.5 Magnum  $35
    /We have 3
    Abt 12 2014  1.5 liter Magnum  $40
    /We have 3
    Abt 12  Methuselah Wood Box 6 liter   $200

    Allagash Tripel 2012  3 liter Jeroboam $75

    Samichlaus  3 liter Jeroboam   $75

    Dupont Avec Les Bons Voeux  1.5 liter Magnum   $40
    /We have 9

    St Feuillien Tripel  9 liter  Salamanzar  $300

    Petrus Single Foeder 6 liter Methuselah Wood Box $500
    /Bottled exclusively for Hopleaf.