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  • Cabin & Cottage Release

    Thurs. July 25, 2019 —7-8:30pm

    Join us as we raise this beer high to toast Abraham Lincoln, an honest leader who aimed to forge a nation of equals. History tells us that beer, like Lincoln, has its own distinct way of bringing us to the table. A union seemed only natural.

    Cabin & Cottage is a Berliner-style Weiss beer and is a collaboration between the Chicago Brewseum, Rolling Meadows Farm Brewery in Springfield, IL, Powers Farm & Brewery (VA), and President Lincoln’s Cottage (DC).

    The official Chicago release of Cabin & Cottage happens at HOPLEAF, one of Chicago’s best and most historic beer bars. We will gather with Rolling Meadows Farm & Brewery owner, Caren Trudeau and Head Brewer, Deion Corley along with Liz Garibay and Michael Roper of the Chicago Brewseum to discuss the collaboration, the beer, and its connection to Abraham Lincoln.

    This event is free with beer available for purchase. Cabin & Cottage sales for the evening benefit the Chicago Brewseum.