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  • Simioni Wine Sale—Spring 2021

    Welcome to the Simioni Wine Sale!!
    Order by 9 a.m. Thurs. March 3 for delivery at Hopleaf Friday.
    —Pick-up times at Hopleaf  TBD  after delivery onsite.


    • The full list of wines with descriptions and prices is below the map on this page, so scroll down before going to the purchase portal. You may want to take notes, or open a new tab, or print this page before going to the purchase page.
    • Limited quantity on all wines, first come first serve—that is, we will fill orders in the order in which they are received.
    • We are selling FULL CASES ONLY (one exception)
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    T H E   W I N E S :

    • GIGANTE   http://welcome.adrianogigante.it/en
      Colli Orientali del Friuli, Friuli Venezia Giulia
    • Prima Nera Rosato Spumante NV Brut     (114739-NV)
      • 100% Schioppettino
      One of the most unique sparkling wines you’ll find. A grape that almost went extinct in the 1970s, Schioppetinno has become a favorite once again for the winemakers in the Colli Orientali del Friuli in northeast Italy. Hints of white pepper, peach skin, and apricot dress up this bone-dry wine that’s great for all seasons.
      $168/case (12 bottles)
    • Schioppettino DOC 2012
      • 100% Schioppettino
      • A more classic representation of the Schioppettino grape than the Prima Nera Rosato, this wine shows off why the grape has had a resurgence in popularity. Black pepper, violet, tobacco, plum, and spice are wonderfully wrapped together in a palate hinted with french oak. As a new experience for most wine drinkers, this wine is still approachable for those more familiar with American wine.
      • $276/case (12 bottles)
      https://www.masutdarive.com/?lang=en      Isonzo, Friuli Venezia Giulia
    • Chardonnay Isonzo DOC 2017      [115089-17]
      • 100% Chardonnay
      • Without treatment or aging in french oak barrels, this Chardonnay expresses how fresh and clean Chardonnay can be produced in the hills of northeastern Italy. Wildflower honey, golden apple, and sweetgrass dominate the nose and palate of this wine while still maintaining the intense minerality found in all wines from along the Isonzo river in Friuli. Great for those who don’t care for oaky Chardonnay but still want a complex white wine.
      • $168/case (12 bottles)  <<Only 1 left!
    • Pinot Grigio Isonzo DOC 2017      [S0120-17]
      • 100% Pinot Grigio
      • This is a Pinot Grigio for anyone who has ever turned their nose up at the wine. While the grapes mature on the vines, foliage from around the clusters is cleared to maximize sun exposure. The result is slight phenolic extraction from the skins into the juice while the grape ripens. The wine is a gorgeous pink/gold and the nose and palate are amplified with flavors of peach and orange. A really special wine. Received two glasses from the Gambero Rosso guide and 90 points from James Suckling.
      • $168/case (12 bottles)
    • Ribolla Gialla Collio DOC 2014    [S0101-14]
      • 100% Ribolla Gialla
      • The traditional area in Friuli in which Ribolla Gialli is planted is the Collio: a ridge of hills lining the border between Italy and Slovenia. With high, intense acidity, this wine is often drunk fresh for a crisp summer refresher or aged so the acidity has time to mellow giving way to lemon curd, lime zest, and honey flavors.
      • $168/case (12 bottles) << Only 1 left!
    • Semidis Isonzo Rosso DOC 2012    [S0044-12]
      • 100% Merlot
      • As a grape that is so widely planted and adored by the locals of Friuli, Merlot has been granted honorary “native” status within the region. Most often it is blended into reds but every so often a single varietal wine will come along and knock your socks off like this Semidis Rosso. Big and bold, this Merlot challenges anyone who says they don’t like Merlot. Dried violets, nutmeg, cardamom, and blueberry jam are the predominant flavors. 2012 and 2016 vintages available.
      • $186 /case  (note: case is 6 bottles)
    •  Semidis  Isonzo Rosso DOC 2016     [S0044-16]
      • 100% Merlot
      • Received 94 points from James Suckling
      $186 /case (note: case is 6 bottles)
    • Friulano Isonzo DOC 2017     [S0012-17]
      • 100% Tocai Friulano
      • As the most important white grape of the region, there are many representations of Friulano found within the region. Masùt da Rive produces a very traditional style with the lemon zest palate being balanced by the delicious sapidity that’s influenced by the terroir of the area. One of my personal favorite Italian white wines as it is ideal for food pairings. It pairs especially well with any type of seafood, sardines, salty cheeses, and white pizza.
      • $186 /case
    • GULFI  https://gulfi.it/en/home-en/     Cerasulo di Vittoria, Sicily
    • Valcanzjria Sicilia Bianco DOC 2017      (115045-17)
      • 50% Chardonnay, 50% Carricante
      • Salvo Foti, one of the most respected viticulturists in all Sicily is the chief winemaker at Gulfi. A champion of the indigenous varietals found on the island, he makes a rare exception for Chardonnay. As a great lover of Chablis, he hand carried cuttings of the vines there back to the vineyards in southern Sicily. Blended with the native Carricante grape—these grown on the slopes of Mt. Etna—the Chardonnay finds a perfect contrast. Where the Chardonnay is fruity, rich, and creamy, the Carricante has high acidity and mouthwatering minerality. This wine is a treat for any Chablis or Sicilian wine lover where the potential and expression of the incredible and unique southern Sicilian terroir is on full display.
      • $192/case (12 bottles)
    • Cerasuolo di Vittoria DOCG 2017      (115017-17)
      • 60% Nero d’Avola, 40% Frappato
      • A truly elegant and refined wine the presents like an adult version of Rossojbleo. Grown 500 meters above sea level up in the Iblei mountains of southeastern Sicily, the grapes are carefully hand-picked and undergo whole-cluster fermentation. Aging is done without the use of oak barrels to preserve the delicate yet expressive palate. Drinks especially well when  paired with local ingredients such as fish, eggplant, and tomatoes.
      • $240/case (12 bottles)

    About this sale, Michael writes: It is no surprise that the restaurant industry is reeling as result of the  ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.  As so many restaurants have closed temporarily, permanently or have pivoted to a takeout and delivery model, wine importers and distributors who service restaurants have also been devastated. Many small importers and distributors cater to restaurants exclusively and many restaurants sought out their unique wines that are not found in retail shops. Some of these wines, while superb, are unfamiliar and only sell with tableside recommendations by expert servers or sommeliers. That these wines are available in small quantities and can only be had at select restaurants is one asset that makes a restaurant special.  In these times, many of these fine wines are not finding homes.  

    Our friends at Simioni Imports have been bringing in special “restaurant” wines from Italy for some time. We at Hopleaf are happy to help them close out their inventory of wines from Sicily, Veneto, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Tuscany, Piemonte and Calabria and offer these wine at wholesale prices to our customers. These wines are all drinking perfectly now. There are some real gems here.


    (Items below this line are sold out.)

    • Nerobaronj DOC 2015 (115018-15)  100% Nero d’Avola   Sorry! All sold out.

        • As the distinct terroir of each vineyard produces remarkably different wines, Matteo Catania has given a nickname to each of his single-vineyard Nero d’Avola bottles. Nerobaronj is called “The Teenager” as it’s big, boisterous, and is a bit of a showoff. This wine has it all: fruit, tannin, and a bit of oak. A fabulous wine for those new to Nero d’Avola or Sicilian wine in general and want something with a touch of familiarity.
    • Nerojbleo Sicilia Rosso IGT 2016      (115016-16)  Sorry! All sold out.
      • 100% Nero d’Avola
      • The flagship wine of the Gulfi winery. Aged for one year in old french oak barrique so as to not mask the beautiful terroir apparent in the body. As with all the wines from Gulfi, Nerojbleo is organic and sustainable. The vines are trained as albarello or “little tree” which allows the vines to grow very old leading to more complex, intense flavors in the resulting fruit. A phenomenal all-around wine sure to please any red wine drinker. 91 points from Vinous.
      • $240/case (12 bottles)
      • Rossojbleo Sicilia Rosso DOC 2018      (115046-18)Sorry! All sold out.
        • 100% Nero d’Avola
        • This is the bottle to serve anyone (or yourself) who thinks they don’t like Nero d’Avola. Even its bright red appearance in the glass with hot pink highlights represents the liveliness of this wine. The grapes undergo whole-cluster fermentation which help amplify the cherry juice flavors and bright acidity giving the wine an almost refreshing texture not unlike a Beaujolais. Put a slight, ten minute chill on this wine in the summer for the perfect picnic or grill out pairing. 91 points from Vinous.
        • $192/case (12 bottles)


    • Adriano Marco e Vittorio  Sorry! All sold out.
      https://adrianovini.it/en/     Barbaresco, Piemonte

      • Sanadaive Barbaresco DOCG 2013   [114957-13]
        • 100% Nebbiolo
        • A traditional-style Barbaresco aged in large, oak “botte” barrels that leads with elegant structure without being overly dry and austere. Softer than a Barolo and ready to drink right now, this wine will only continue to get better as the aromatics evolve and the body becomes more complex. 94 points from Wine Enthusiast.
    • Fattoria Lavacchio   Sorry! All sold out.
      http://www.fattorialavacchio.com/en/index/     Chianti Rufina, Tuscany

          • Puro Chianti DOCG 2015     [S0023-15]
            • 100% Sangiovese
            • Made with no added sulfites, tannins, or yeasts, this organic Chianti is as natural as it gets. Bright and juicy with aromas of the forest and ripe raspberries, this wine is a great example of how versatile and fun Sangiovese can be. Great with simple dishes, anchovies, pizza, and spicy foods.
            • Only 11 bottles available to be bought as a partial case—$110
          • Chianti Ruffina DOCG Riserva     [S0024-08]
            • 90% Sangiovese, 5% Cabernet Sauvignon, 5% Merlot
            • Grown with organic grapes, this Chianti ages in French oak tonneau barrels for 36 months resulting in a luscious, velvety wine. Being a majority Sangiovese, this wine is wonderfully structured while also being rich and opulent. A great choice for any Sangiovese lover who likes a little extra muscle in their wine.
            • Only 1 case available —$156/case (Note: Case = 6 bottles)


      • Fattoria Poggio Alloro  Sorry! All sold out.
        http://fattoriapoggioalloro.com/?lang=en      San Gimignano, Tuscany

              • Chianti DOCG 2016      [114896-16]
                • 75% Sangiovese, 10% Canaiolo, 10% Ciliegiolo, 5% Colorino
                • From possibly the most charming estate in Tuscany, this wine expresses everything a Chianti should: delicious black cherry flavors and saliva-inducing structure. Poggio Alloro’s Chianti is designed with the pastas, Chianina beef, risottos, and salumi served at lunch and dinner in mind and it plays its part perfectly without being too much. Additionally, staying a few days at the farm should be on every person’s bucket list.
                • $120/case (12 bottles)
      • Garrubba    Sorry! All sold out.
        https://www.cantinegarrubba.eu/      Ciro, Calabria
      • Antico Sordillo Ciro Rosso DOP 2014     [114705-14]
        • 100% Gaglioppo
        • Along the southern coast of Italy are the hillsides of Ciro. Here the predominant red grape is Gaglioppo which has adapted well to the hot, sunny, windy climate of Calabria. The vines are trained as albarello (little tree) which helps protect the grapes from drying out before harvest. Once picked the grapes are fermented and aged for two years in old french oak barrels. This wine is packed full with smoky black pepper, dark cherry, and warm earth aromas and flavors. Absolutely perfect for grilling and for food with a bit of spice to it.
        • $120/case (12 bottles)
      • Masut da Rive  Sorry! All sold out.
        Pinot Nero Isonzo DOC 2017      [115090-17]

        • 100% Pinot Noir
        • Using the same techniques in the vineyards as the Pinot Grigio, this Pinot Nero expresses far more body and ripeness than most other Pinot Noir wines from this area. While still maintaining the famous elegance and subtitles of the Pinot Noir grape, this wine shows exceptional earthiness from the unique terroir of the vineyards. A must try for Burgundy and Italian wine lovers alike. Received two glasses from the Gambero Rosso guide and 91 points from James Suckling
        • $192/case (12 bottles)
        • Refosco dal Penduncolo Rosso Isonzo DOC 2010    [S0016-10]  Sorry! All sold out.
          • 100% Refosco
          • An indigenous varietal to the region, Refosco is often seen as a minority in red blends due to it’s high levels of tannin. However, when aged properly it can result in a wonderfully structured wine with incredible blackberry and baking spice flavors with a deep, blood red color. A great introduction to northern Italian reds for Cabernet drinkers. 2010 and 2014 vintages available.
          • $154/case (Partial case—11 bottles)
        • Refosco dal Penduncolo Rosso Isonzo DOC 2014   [S0016-14]
          • 100% Refosco
          • $168/case (12 bottles)
          • Neromaccarj 2015 (115082-15)  100% Nero d’Avola
            • Old vines in the alberello style in the Maccari district give this intense mineral rich Nero d’Avola its character. Complex bouquet, strng characteristic red fruits, blackberry, and notes of vanilla.Great structure,fine grained tannins lead to a bright  savory finish. Likely to reach its plateau of maturity between 8 and 15 years of bottle age.

              • $76—(2 bottles only)
          • TRABUCCHI D’ILLASI      Sorry! All sold out.
        • https://www.trabucchidillasi.it/en/trabucchi-illasi/      Valpolicella, Veneto
          • Recioto della Valpolicella DOCG 2006      (S0049-06)
            • 70% Corvina, 30% Corvinone
            • With its dense, deep red color, this Recioto looks much different than most other dessert wines. The method of production is much like that of the Recioto di Soave but in this case using the traditional Amarone and Valpolicella grape varietals. The wine has a rich, opulent nose of toasted nuts, candied plums, and blackberry jam. The palate still retains a touch of tannin which provides a nice foundation of structure for the slightly sweet, dried cherry flavor.
            • $120/case  (note: case is 6 bottles)


          Trabucchi d’Illasi  Sorry! All sold out.
          https://www.trabucchidillasi.it/en/trabucchi-illasi/      Valpolicella, Veneto

          • Un Anno Valpolicella DOC 2015      (S0114-15)
            • 70% Corvina, 30% Corvinone
            • This bright and fresh Valpolicella comes from the hilltop zone of Illasi where the wines are famously light and elegant. Grown from organic grapes, this wine represents a truly classic style of Valpolicella that plays a very similar role at the dinner table in Veneto as a Chianti would in Tuscany. This is a wine you can serve with almost anything or with nothing at all!
            • $120/case
            • Amarone della Valpolicella DOC 2004      (S0048-04)
              • 70% Corvina, 20% Corvinone, 10% Rondinella
              • It’s not very often you come across an Amarone with 16 years of aging. The grapes come from one of the highest elevations in Valpolicella which leads to the fruit developing an abundance of acidity, an important quality when it comes to longterm aging. After drying on mats for 3-4 months, the grapes have lost about 50% of their weight and are then crushed and aged for years in french oak barrique. The final wine is big and mouth-filling, spicy and structured yet softened by fruit and acid. A special wine for any Amarone enthusiast.
              • Only 1 case available— $462 /case (note: case is 6 bottles)
              •  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~`
            • Schioppettino DOC 2012      (S0010-12)  Sorry! All sold out.
              • 100% Schioppettino
              • A more classic representation of the Schioppettino grape than the Prima Nera Rosato, this wine shows off why the grape has had a resurgence in popularity. Black pepper, violet, tobacco, plum, and spice are wonderfully wrapped together in a palate hinted with french oak. As a new experience for most wine drinkers, this wine is still approachable for those more familiar with American wine.
              • $276/case (12 bottles)
                • Soffumbergo Rosso IGT 2012   [S0075-12]
                  • 60% Merlot, 30% Refosco, 10% Cabernet Sauvignon
                  • You’ve heard of Super Tuscans so now it’s time to try a Super Friulano! A portion of the Merlot grapes in the blend are partially dried which gives the wine a full yet soft texture and a jammy flavor reminiscent of Amarone or Valpolicella Ripasso. 2011 and 2012 vintages available.
                  • $87—6 bottles