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  • SQUOKE—Off Color Pre-Release Tapping

    Fri Aug 2—4pm

    A preview tapping before it’s official release—Squoke, new from Chicago’s Off Color Brewing:  The very first batches brewed here at Mousetrap, aged in the first fill of one of OC’s 14-yr-old Barolo foedres for multiple seasons (20 months) to eke out every last bit of their essence. Dry, but wonderfully fruited vinous character is supported by a complex wood tannin structure, while barnyard earthiness plays off ripe pineapple & nectarine notes from mixed fermentation of Brettanomyces claussenii, mango-like farmhouse ale yeast, and acidic wild cultures. Initial blushes are of nectarines, strawberries, and blackberry jam with a deeper base of soil, mahogany, and India ink. These are followed by a quick nip of nectarine-like acidity expanding to an expressive meadow of over-ripened peach flesh, angelfood cake, and summer harvest honey. The finish is a long, meandering affair of tannin, slate-like minerality, pie crusts, and black cherry.

    Also on tap will be Good Listeners. Off Color says:

    The Rowley Farmhouse Ales team came up from New Mexico to brew this reimagining of a Biere de Miel using cactus gunk instead of honey. (But we still added some desert blossom honey because we support the bees, yo.) Bright cracked pepper and Meyer lemon peel aromas from some of our wild yeasts meander into a deceptively intense juiciness from the Prickly Pear cactus fruit, Dragonfruit, and agave nectar.