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  • Art History Tap Takeover!

    Art History Brewing from Geneva, Illinois, brews our very popular Hopleaf House Beers. We’re excited about their visit—sounds like the whole crew is coming!— on Thurs Feb 23 starting at 5pm when we’ll have 8 of their wonderful beers on tap! Here’s the lowdown:

    1.  Bauhaus German Pilsner: 
         5.2% ABV – 39 IBU

    Brewed in the style of a Northern German Pilsner, a style characterized by a dry and crisp finish.  Balanced malt character with a medium to medium-high bitterness.  Brewed with German Pils malt and the classic German hop, Tettang.  In celebration of the Bauhaus School of design and architecture founded in the early 20th Century in Germany.  The Bauhaus style is characterized by clean lines, primary colors and geometric shapes.

    2.  ESB:  Extra Special Bitter 
         5.3% ABV   – 35 IBU

    This deep mahogany, pub-style ale is brewed with Maris Otter, chocolate and crystal malts.  Traditional hop back finishing with whole flower East Kent Golding hops imparts woodsy aromas.  Flavors of caramel, toffee and fig.  Served On Cask in the Art History taproom similar to how a pint would be served in a pub in the UK.

    3.  Fastenbier:  Franconian Dark Lenten Lager
        4.8% ABV – 24 IBU

    Traditional smoked lager originally brewed in Germany by monks to drink while fasting for Lent.  Deep amber color with a slight sweetness, very low bitterness with flavors of toasted bread.  Similar to a smoked Vienna Lager with a lighter smoke character compared to Art History’s Good Night Bamberg Rauchbier.  Fastenbier is a unique smoked beer style few American breweries brew.

    4.  Good Night Bamberg:  Rauchbier 
        5.3% ABV – 20 IBU

    An old style of smoked beer with a distinctive smoke flavor.  Made with beechwood smoked malt from the city of Bamberg located in Bavaria, Germany.   40% of the grist bill is composed of smoked malt. The Art History Team loves smoked beers!  In addition to the Rauchbier and Fastenbier offerings, Art History brews Smoaktober Festbier, a smoked variant of Artoberfest Bier brewed for Oktoberfest.

    5.  Isla:  New England IPA, Hazy IPA 
       7.2% ABV – 18 IBU

    A juicy fruit cocktail with aromas of grapefruit, orange and tropical fruit.  Dry hopped with the trio of Idaho, Simcoe and Lotus hops with pineapple, peaches and pine flavors.  This delicious IPA is balanced with a biscuity malt character.

    6.  Dance Card:  American Brown Ale 
      7.3% ABV – 35 IBU

    A rich and malty Brown Ale with flavors of toast and chocolate.  Citrus and pine hop character balanced by a solid malt backbone

    7.  Lincoln Highway:  American Pale Ale 
      5.8% ABV – 40 IBU

    Traditional American Pale Ale brewed with single Cascade hops for a bold and hoppy finish, refreshing and crisp.  Perfectly balanced between the hop bitterness and malty sweetness.  Pre-dating Route 66, the Lincoln Highway was the first transcontinental road across the country and winds across Chicagoland through Geneva where Art History’s taproom is located.

    8.  Ink Line: Heavy Early Double Oaked Imperial Stout  
      12% ABV – 42 IBU

    Double Oaked Bourbon Barrel Aged coffee variant of Ink Line.  A rich and decadent Imperial Milk Stout with flavors of chocolate covered cherries, licorice and vanilla with a smooth roasty finish.  Made with Manbot’s Brazilian Coffee.

    Click through here to read  Michael’s story of the origins of our relationship with Art History Brewing: