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  • Orval Day 2023

    Saturday is Orval Day! Few beers are more honored than Orval. Since the Trappist Brothers at the Abbaye d’ Orval make only one beer, sold in only one bottled format and never put in kegs for draft pouring, sometimes people who mostly peruse our draft selections forget just how great this beer is. Served in a beautiful chalice from its unique to Orval bottle, it is perhaps the most visually beautiful beer in the world. The aroma and taste don’t disappoint either! Orval is dry hopped with a mix of Hallertau, Styrian Goldings, and French Strisselspalt hops. Brettanomyces is added during the secondary fermentation in the bottle.
    There are only 12 monks living at the abbey where over 100 once lived. In our lifetimes,, we could see the demise of authentic Trappist breweries. Let’s hope not! In the mean time, support the monks and their charitable works by enjoying an Orval or two at Hopleaf on Saturday, March 25th. To make that a bit easier on the wallet, we’ll be selling Orval all day for $10!
    I’m hoping that the “beer porn” photos will be a siren call to those who love delicious beer.