• Hopleaf Bar

    Promoting Better Beers, Wines & Spirits in Chicago since 1992.
    Belgian-inspired Kitchen featuring our famous Mussels & Frites.

  • Past Events

    • Anniversary of Hopleaf being Hopleaf

      February 20, 2018

      The original invitation from early 1993.

    • Uncle John’s Cider with Owner Mike Beck

      February 15!, 2018

      As part of Cider Week, Mike Beck, co-owner and cider maker join us with several of their specialty ciders. 6:30 or 7pm start.

    • Frank & Karel BOON Meet-n-Greet & Seminar

      August 2, 2017

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    • Brasserie de Silly Sours Tapping

      July 12, 2017

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    • Trappist Beer Travels Book Release 2-4pm

      Saturday July 8, 2017

        Bottle Mondays—every Monday prices on bottled beers are discounted.
        Kegs For Kids Pour of the Week—sponsored kegs change as they run through, all proceeds go to Peirce Elementary School

        Recurring Reading, Storytelling, Performance Events:
        Tuesday Funk (1st Tuesday of Month)
        This One Woman (4th Monday of month)
        Do Not Submit/Open Mic (4th Wednesday of month)
        Check out their own websites for details and to confirm dates.

        Super Stout Sunday—a collection of stouts, inc. Goose Island’s BBSs, presented on tap at noon on Super Bowl Sunday.
        Kegs for Kids/ Peirce Day—*all* proceeds all day to Helen C. Peirce Elementary School (last Sunday in April or thereabouts)